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After more than fifteen years as an award-winning reporter, anchor and producer in radio and television news, Curt Harding has become a successful writer, speaker and entertainment publicist. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Curt has worked with gifted-talents like Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Dave Ramsey, William J. Bennett, George Foreman, Ed McMahon, Donald Miller and many more. His best clients, however, are the names you’d never recognize – the World War II veteran, the mother of a special needs child, and the person who never believed they had a story to tell.

“I have had the privilege of working with Curt for many years. When he’s in charge of a campaign you’ll get creative writing, strategic thinking, and perhaps above all, flexibility to change course quickly if the need arises. He’s a pro and he gets the job done.”Judge Andrew P. Napolitano | Senior Judicial Analyst, FOX News Channel

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There are a million blogs out there. I’m so happy you’ve visited mine.

I am fascinated by stories and I live to tell them. Let’s put the world on hold and explore the brilliance of life.

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“Curt is one of the most competent and professionally aggressive individuals I’ve ever experienced. To have Curt at the helm means the job is going to get done right–the first time.”Pat Williams | Speaker, Author, Orlando Magic Sr. Vice President


I speak on a number of topics including: powerful storytelling, being a somebody when you feel like a nobody, how to write and market your book, and the secret to a successful marriage (hint: guys, it’s on you).


“Curt is a masterful storyteller with a wealth of knowledge. I have watched him stop time in a room. People respond to him. He’s funny, engaging and emotional. You can’t take your eyes off him because you don’t know what could come next.” 


~ Michelle Moore, award-winning author and speaker


Words matter. Clear, concise content will get you noticed. This is what I do.

Curt’s writing is crafted with such a simple brilliance. He’s able to take readers to places they’ve never been, while gently challenging them to take action. He’s a gifted writer – but it’s the heart and passion behind his writing that makes him extraordinary.

~Karyn Williams, Christian recording artist and #1 songwriter


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