Naked Truth

“There’s nothing wrong with it. I make three times the money I’ll make when I graduate.” ~ Maggie

We live in a culture where people think they can make up their own truths. Today, how you feel is all that matters. And who are you to judge? Meet Maggie. She’s a 23 year old straight-A college student double majoring in Spanish and political science. She plans to graduate debt-free, and she recently told ABC News how she plans to do it: Studying by day and stripping by night.

As the father of two teenage girls, this horrifies me, not because I have something against Maggie, but because the lines of right and wrong have not only been blurred, they’re being erased.

Please understand I’m not judging Maggie’s decision or her life; I don’t know her, I don’t know her heart or her situation. I do know that what she’s doing is totally unnecessary and dangerous. I made this opinion public on line and was ripped to shreds. What did I have the audacity to suggest? Two things: First, I pointed out that Maggie is a child of God. He is crazy about her and He has a purpose for her life. She was not created to be the  object of sexually excited (and mostly married) men, exploiting her in exchange for cash. Second, I questioned Maggie’s father, if there is one. Fathers have tremendous power and influence on their daughters. One facial expression, one disapproving glance can literally change a girl’s day. I have seen a grown woman’s demeanor completely change the moment her father enters a room. So when I boldly asked the question: How could her father allow this? I was attacked and my faith was mocked.

How did we get to this place? When did the ends justify the means? When did wrong become right? If Maggie is really a straight-A student, there are hundreds of scholarships available to her. There are paid internships, even programs that will help pay for school in exchange for a commitment to begin work in their corporation.  Sure it’s hard, but nothing worth having ever comes easy. There are in-state schools, community colleges and jobs everywhere that don’t require a person to morally bankrupt themselves.

Maggie’s choice to strip for tuition is a tremendous teaching opportunity. I spoke to both of my daughters about this. I let them know in no uncertain terms that this is wrong, and choosing a route like this would hurt their God and their father. I told them they can always count on me and their mom to help find healthy and smart alternatives.

People of faith please hear me. We must stand up for what is right regardless of where society goes, regardless of how much we’re laughed at and ridiculed. When the military sends in soldiers to rescue people, they don’t send in wimps. They find the toughest, smartest, most courageous people. That is you. That is me. We are soldiers for what is right. And we must press on.

  • Sean Fitzpatrick

    I have so much that is spinning through my brain right now. Way too much for the space and the venue here. But sorry Curt. I think you’re wrong. You are holding this young woman to YOUR standards, faith and morals and not to hers. YOUR version of right and wrong is obviously much different than what her version is. You need to accept that and embrace it.

    I know a couple of ladies who went through college debt free on the dancing dollar (knew one BEFORE and one AFTER – none DURING) and both are wives, mothers and upstanding members of their communities. As for the scholarships – That’s not really the case – there’s so few dollars out there for the “average girl” on the street, there’s virtually no way she could bet her education paid for that way.

    Is what she’s doing a good idea? For her it is. For
    you….well….I’ve never seen you in a G-String but………probably
    not a good idea.

    Accept and embrace, but never judge.

    Hold on….going to go dust off my KJB………Matthew 7:1-3

    • curtharding

      Sean, thanks for chiming in. You actually make my point for me when you wrote “YOUR version of right and wrong.” The fact is, it either is or it isn’t. That’s what scares me about where our society is going. If we have multiple versions of right and wrong, then there is no right or wrong. Secondly, I never judged her. In fact I made it a point to say I don’t know her heart or her situation. Thirdly, you’re dead wrong about scholarships. Do some research, Millions of dollars are going unused every year because people aren’t willing to take the time and do the research. It’s literally a full time job and it begins in high school. Would you feel the same about her choice if a deranged man follows her from the club at 2am rapes and kills her?

      • Sean Fitzpatrick

        “Would you feel the same about her choice if a deranged man follows her from the club at 2am rapes and kills her?”

        Curt – Sexual assault victims are not limited to those who choose a lifestyle outside of the church. Given my background (I’ve investigated countless CSC’s to women, men and children) , I can tell you that YES, my feelings about her choice would not have changed – by saying that because she was a stripper, that is what caused her to be raped and murdered is horribly uninformed and uneducated and you are in effect, blaming the victim. Your original post and your comments to me will I fear draw more ire your way.

        • curtharding

          It’s not the victim’s actions, looks, clothes (or lack there of) it’s the types of men these places attract that would worry me. Are you honestly telling me you’d feel as safe having your daughter work mornings at a New York Law Firm as you would her taking a subway to scores at 11pm? C’mon, Sean.

  • tim47

    I think you are right on, Curt. The lines between right and wrong have become so blurred today that no one is willing to take a stand on anything. Would those who think you are wrong on this issue also think that it is okay to do prostitution for tuition? Where do we draw the line in our opinion between what is right and what is wrong? What if this same girl decided to sell drugs to pay her way through college? And does this girl have any responsibility for the lives of the men who come in day after day to stare at her and how her choice and availability affects them? Sure, the argument is that if she doesn’t do this then another girl will, but is that a valid argument for justifying any behavior? And to say that someone can go night after night being stared at as an object doesn’t leave a scar is foolishness. Everything we do affects us both now and in the future. We can rationalize the stuffing out of this, but your original point is right on.