Are You Living or Just Existing?

Life is an improv. And you’re on! 

This picture was not planned.  I took it when my daughters were younger. A spontaneous slice of summer. At the end of a long day of running on sand dunes, swinging from ropes, swimming, and rock collecting along the Michigan shoreline, I dragged the girls and their friend to the lighthouse in Charlevoix to watch the sunset. They were less than thrilled.

Sunsets mean more to old people.

After a short drive downtown, we took the long walk to the end of the iconic south pier lighthouse. And that’s when magic happened. Lake Michigan waves were crashing hard into the pier. Water was flying in the air, pouring over the sides, soaking whoever may have been standing there. All at once, this “boring” walk at sunset became a cherished memory. The laughter and the screaming are etched in my memory all these years later.

Here’s the thing.

This extraordinary night on the pier could not have been planned and cannot be duplicated.

It was unscripted.

It was perfect.

Question for you: Are you micromanaging your days or are you leaving room for the script to flip?

Are you living or just existing?

Friends, we’re only here for a few minutes. It is time to stop editing the past and scripting every page of your future. Excel spreadsheets are for the office, not for your life.

This doesn’t mean that you should carelessly float through life or that many things shouldn’t be taken seriously. And there is nothing wrong with being intentional and careful in your decision-making. That is all very wise.

But please leave room for the waves.

Laugh, scream, and make memories. My biggest nightmare is that I get to the end of my life regretting that I spent more time trying to paint the picture than I did crawling into the colors.

Stop existing and start living.