Many are called, but few are chosen.
~ Matthew 22:14

Few kids were smaller than me in middle school. I was short, scrawny and weak. Gym class was humiliating. I was painfully aware, especially in the showers, that I was a boy among men. And when it came time to pick teams, I was the kid no one wanted. Even the gym teacher smirked and shook his head because he knew I couldn’t help anyone win.

But that was then.

Did you know God chooses people? The ultimate team captain is assembling His team. You have to decide. I can tell you that it’s good to be chosen. It’s even better to accept the invitation.

Years after middle school, on a hot summer day on a Detroit basketball court, I buried that boy forever. You see, I’m not that scrawny kid anymore. In one of the toughest places to play in America, I tightened the laces on my high tops while the awesome athletes around me began picking teams. Then I heard it: “I’ll take the big man.” He pointed at me. “You with me, man.” I’ll never forget it. The little boy who couldn’t do a pull up, the boy who was laughed at, was a memory. I was chosen. I accepted.

Can you imagine your Creator pointing in your direction? Will you accept? Are you ready to bury the weakness in you?

Listen. “You with me, man.”

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