Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me,

Don’t worry so much, boy.
The nails you’re biting and the thoughts you’re inviting are stealing your joy.

What troubles you now you’ll soon be forgetting.
I know because I am where you are heading.

Try to enjoy your starts and stops;
your amazing catches and unfortunate drops.

Dear younger me,

Take your foot off the gas and take a deep breath.
Your youth will go fast and will die a quick death.

But oh, what comes next I promise it’s greater.
Savor each day, you’ll thank yourself later.

God is not your center, but it’s okay He’ll wait.
But if you’ll let Him in sooner, He’ll make the twisted straight.

Dear younger me,

Your joy is contagious, people love your laugh.
But don’t be afraid to take off that mask.

The future seems uncertain, your path unclear.
Trust me when I tell you hope is greater than fear.

One day you will know what it means to be content.
You’ll understand your struggle and all that it meant.

Dear younger me,

It feels like a storm and it’s hard to see.
But you’ll make good choices and those choices made me.

Inspired by MercyMe, Dear Younger Me