Egg Salad and So Much More

Egg Salad and So Much More

My grandma made the most incredible egg salad sandwiches. She’d make me two: one for now, one for later. She’s been gone for fifteen years and I can still taste them.

My cousin Katie has received an angel Christmas ornament every year for more than two decades. First from her grandmother. Then, after she passed away, from her grandfather. Today, just weeks after her grandfather passed, she received one from her mom.

Sometimes the world brings me down. There’s so much heartbreak. It often overwhelms. But then, I turned to social media and asked people what they’re grateful for. Only minutes later…

Hearing my daughter’s heartbeat.
My son and my health.
My wife’s face.
I found a living donor who will donate her kidney to me.

The world and all of its hurts are jarring. It’s easy to become more consumed with the pain than the promise. But then…

I’m grateful my mom shared her faith in God with me about 4 months ago, just before she passed away.
I have learned to be grateful for moments and memories.
I’ve been given another day.
So thankful for family and friends to laugh with.

I grow weary of the world and its stresses, its grief, and its disappointments. And then…

I’m thankful for music, sunsets and sunrises.
For the faith that sustains me.
For my grandchildren.
For my husband who survived a heart attack, thank God.

I turn on the television and I see suffering, harsh words, anger, and lies. And then…

I’m grateful for my new job.
For finding my birth family.
My kids and my dog.
My dad’s 80th Birthday!

I hope you took a few moments today to stop and breathe. Life is not for sissies. It’s hard, and sometimes bed is the only place I want to be; under the covers where even monsters can’t reach me. But then…

Life is chocolate, bacon, sleep, dogs, family, Gee Gee’s egg salad, and a Christmas ornament from mom.