It’s The Bricks

You are worth more than the worst things you’ve ever done and the worst thing that’s ever been done to you.

A lot of things in life are complicated. This is not.

My friend John says that every one of us is walking around with a backpack on our backs. And inside our backpack are several bricks, each representing something we’ve been carrying around with us for some time, in some cases for decades. The bricks are the stories we tell ourselves. Things that happened. Your hurts. Your mistakes. Childhood trauma. Guilt. Rejection. Shame. Broken relationships, whatever it is.

I have my bricks.
You have yours.

And every morning we get up, get dressed, check our social, maybe grab a quick bite, down some OJ, and pick up that backpack because it’s coming with us wherever we go. Man, it’s heavy. Still, we add bricks to it year after year after year. The funny thing is we don’t remember we’re carrying them, and we wonder why we’re so exhausted all the time.

It’s the bricks.

This may sound easy. Trust me, I know it’s not. You got to put them down. You’re no longer just carrying them; they’ve become part of you.

It’s time.

If someone hurt you, forgive them. If you hurt someone, forgive yourself. Unzip the backpack, reach in, grab a brick, and put it down. You’ve carried it long enough.

A lot of things in life are complicated. This is not.