LOVE > Hate

LOVE > Hate

Love is better than hate. Faith is greater than fear.

We often drive past them. We sometimes look through them. We avoid eye contact with them. Suddenly, I found myself embracing one of them.

I was on my way home Saturday afternoon when I saw this homeless man sitting alone. He looked super chill like an old blues singer — black guy with dark shades and a short, grey beard. I felt some kind of strange connection to him, so I turned the car around.

I drove up to him and he waved. I got out of my car and handed him $20. I said, “Hey man, I found this.” He stared at me for a few seconds because he knew I didn’t “find this.” I could literally feel his wisdom. Reluctantly, he took it and then put his arms out to hug me.

I haven’t hugged anyone but my wife and daughters since March. But here I was in the arms of a stranger who wreaked of alcohol, but who laughed through his tears.


Two minutes.

Look, I don’t know if he turned around and bought himself more alcohol or if he did the sensible thing and walked over to the nearby McDonald’s for coffee and breakfast, and I don’t care. I only know that for a brief few seconds we were the same — flawed human beings embracing on the street.

Somehow it wasn’t uncomfortable, even in a pandemic.

That’s how I know it was right.