Love in the Doing

JoyntDo stuff. Epic stuff. Lots of it. Stuff that looks like who you want to be and who Jesus made you to be. ~ Bob Goff

My pastor likes to say, “I love Christianity. It’s Christians I could do without.” He’s joking (mostly), but he’s right. We’re people and people mess up a lot. But sometimes we get it right.

Sue Joynt is a woman who got it right.

Sue has a son who played on the high school football team. Every week, under the Friday night lights, it was all about cheering him and his fellow Panthers on to victory. As the weeks went by though, Sue began paying more attention to a situation in the stands than to the action on the field. She noticed Celia Sullivan, a fellow football mom whose health appeared to worsen every week.

Before one particular game, Sue felt a persistent push to act. She went straight to Celia—a woman she barely knew—and asked how she could help. What these football moms couldn’t have possibly known is that God was drawing up a miraculous play—one that would save a life.

Sue learned that Celia suffered from primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a chronic disease that leads to liver damage and, eventually, liver failure. Celia was in desperate need of a liver transplant. With no one in her family as a match, Celia could only wait and pray as her name remained on the transplant waiting list. Without hesitation, or knowing what she was getting herself into, Sue volunteered to be tested.

She was a perfect match.

Backed by an entire community’s prayers, surgeons removed Celia’s nearly useless liver and replaced it with 60 percent of Sue’s healthy one. The results were immediate and miraculous.

“Sue is my guardian angel. She saved me and gave me back my life,” said Celia. “My whole family is so grateful.” Today Celia has another chance at more—more weddings, more graduations, more anniversaries, more life. And all because Sue refused to remain on the sidelines.

“It seems like anybody in my shoes would have done the same thing,” Sue said. “It’s strange, but there was never a doubt.” That persistent push she was feeling at a pregame tailgate party was God telling her there is love in the doing. It’s where miracles live.

It’s easy to let the world get us down, especially after a sad day in which evil seems to prevail. Remember the everyday heroes like Sue and the countless others out there who do stuff – epic stuff, stuff that looks like who you want to be and who you were made to be.

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