One-On-One with Jesus

One-On-One with Jesus

In my dream I was playing basketball with Jesus, just the two of us, one-on-one. The first thing I noted was that He’s not better than LeBron James just because He’s the Son of God. He’s just like me. It’s a good game. It was a beautiful day and the radio was on in the background. We were talking and playing like guys do when a deep-voiced newsman began reading the day’s top stories. He led with a man arrested for killing his two-week old daughter. Jesus stopped playing and closed His eyes. “Something wrong?” I asked as I picked up my dribble. “Did you hear what that man said about that baby?” Jesus asked. “Yeah, that’s terrible,” I replied. “Crap like that happens all the time. What’s the score?”

Jesus opened His eyes, looked directly at me and said, “People should grieve more.”

Then I woke up.

I laid there and couldn’t stop thinking about it. People should grieve more. Maybe we should. I don’t mean wear black and be somber all day long, but I often wonder if we’ve grown far too callous to the things happening around us. Have our hearts grown too cold to comeback from? Maybe we should stop, pick up our dribble, close our eyes and feel.

Fully awake now, I finished the dream like we often do after we wake up feeling incomplete. I drained a three and said to Jesus, “But not everyone believes in You.” And He replied, “It doesn’t matter. Anyone can grieve.”

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