Ordinary Angels

Ain’t it kind of funny that at the dark end of the road
Someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope

~ Alabama

Mary entered my hospital room quietly and with purpose. She held a mop in one hand and a fresh, unopened trash bag in the other. She moved swiftly. Her job was clear. I was just relieved she wasn’t another nurse about to take more of my blood. “How you doin’ baby?” she asked through a smile. “I’m okay. How are you?” I answered. “I am blessed, and we’re all praying for you,” she said. “I can’t wait to see you up and around later today.” And after a quick “see ya later, baby,” she was gone.

She left my room with a clean smell. She left me with a feeling of warmth like a boy whose mom just tucked him in and kissed away the monster under the bed.

The lady with the mop is concerned how I’m doing, she’s praying for me, and she can’t wait to see me up later?”


On the eve of my open-heart surgery, my friend Karyn told me to keep an eye out for “ordinary angels.” She promised they’d appear. “Don’t miss them!” she warned. So, I stayed alert. Karyn was right.

Ordinary angels are everywhere. They showed up again and again. From the co-worker who held my hand, prayed for me, and promised I’d be fine, to the anonymous person who mailed me a warm blanket that’s been with me through infection, sickness, and recovery. From the people who left food on my porch to the perfectly timed surprise in the mail that was both tasty and hysterical. One day, I was on the floor crying in pain when I received five texts from five different people asking how I was doing. One girl I met when I was in kindergarten another, I’ve only known for a few short weeks.

Ordinary angels.

They push back against a toxic, often cruel world and they do good. Ordinary angels rarely make the news. They’re boring. They see a need and they fill it.

Want a happier life?
Stay alert for ordinary angels.

Better yet, BE ONE.