Seize Your Season

Although it doesn’t much feel like it yet in Nashville, change is in the air. Despite the calendar’s nudge, the southern sizzle is stubborn and the humidity will not be humbled. But soon, the leaves will lose their grip in their annual free-fall race to the bottom. The days will shorten, the air will become crisp and nearly every product you use will be offered in pumpkin spice.

Change is in the air.

The seasons were God’s idea, and its brilliant when you consider the why. Perhaps we were supposed to more readily recognize the ever-changing seasons within us and within others. Just a quick glance at my tiny circle of friends reveals so much. Meg is pregnant with twins. Chris just became a grandmother. Steve is fighting cancer. Dan was just downsized and Lisa watches as her mother slips into the cruel grasp of Alzheimer’s. I know an empty-nester, a brand new father and a grieving widow. Take a look at your own circle, you’ll see what I mean. Even within my own house there are four different seasons under one roof.

Maybe the reason people have such a hard time getting along with one another is because we forget that other people’s seasons are not our seasons. What if we talked about that more? What if the people in your life knew, no matter what season they’re in, you’ll be there to celebrate it or help them walk through it? We need to become more present.

Seize your season. Walk your path. And if you need to change, there’s no better time. This blog is also available in pumpkin spice.

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