Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
~ Soren Kierkegaard

We’ve all been there. The wheels carrying us along on life’s road suddenly sink into the thickness of it all. Gradually – and all at once – we’re spinning, but we’re not going anywhere.

We’re stuck.

Know what I mean? Every day is just a day. And nothing ever happens.

This used to frustrate me. I wanted to go and go FAST! I hit the gas harder, spun the wheels faster, became angry and banged my head against the steering wheel. It never helped. It only dug me in deeper. Today, I’m a little wiser. When I find myself in a season of stuck, I get curious. I wonder why I’m there and what I’m supposed to learn. I will never like it, but more and more I find myself changing the way I say, “Why me?” Now I say, “Wow…I wonder why ME?” Why was I chosen to wait here and who can I help?”

I had lunch recently with a former co-worker. It was one of many inspirational lunch hours Bill and I have shared over the years. We talk like most men don’t; we’re honest. We don’t avoid subjects. We take them head-on. We laugh, we encourage one another and we talk about Jesus. On this particular day, as I drove away from the restaurant, I thought about how Bill and I met. One year, I took a job solely for the paycheck. It was a good place, just not a good fit. Clearly this was someone else’s job. I was grateful, but the whole time I was there I felt like that wheel in the mud – stuck.

Meanwhile, as Bill and I talk about the ups and downs of life, I picture God smiling – perhaps even snickering a bit. “And He thought he took that job for the money.” Things sure do look different backwards.

So maybe you are stuck for now. And maybe that’s awesome.

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