The Day We Looked Up

The Day We Looked Up

Three years ago, a total solar eclipse fascinated us. The moon cast its shadow and darkness fell over our cities. The world slowed, and in some cases, came to a complete halt. People stepped out of their offices, pulled their cars over, and gathered on rooftops for the chance to see something spectacular. I remember feeling excited, slightly unnerved and so very small.

It was one of my favorite days.

I thought about God a lot that day. I think about Him more now.

I hate to say this, but COVID-19 had to happen. We were complacent and entertained —— lulled to sleep by the mistaken belief that we’re in charge. We’re not, and we’re angry about it. Have you noticed? More dangerous than any virus is the growing hate in our hearts.

I want to go back to that captivating summer day. I want to reach up and grab the moon and make it stay. I want to hit PAUSE at its darkest moment.

Make us miss the light.
Make us grateful.
Make what was true then, be true now.

I know it’s not possible.
We can seize the day, but not freeze the day.
But the weight of now is heavy, and our legs are wobbly.
We can’t carry it.
We can’t.

God can.

He said if you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. But our hearts are sick, and sick hearts don’t function properly. If we’re to find peace, if we’re to find Him, we must remember the day the sun fought to show its face.

We must remember the day we looked up.