Thin Places

Have you ever paused to consider your “Thin Place?” It’s a phrase that’s been used for millennia with roots in ancient Irish culture. Thin Places describe those rare locations where the door between our world and the next is cracked open for a moment. When you’re there, you feel called back to your true self.

For me, that place is Charlevoix, a charming little city in Northern Michigan less than fifty miles from the Mackinac Bridge.

My family recently gathered there to celebrate my mother-in-law’s life and spread her ashes in Lake Michigan. We formed a circle along the shoreline, sharing stories, laughter, prayers and a few tears. When the time came, Hans, one of the newest members of our family, walked Mom out to her final resting place. We all agreed, as he slowly made his way out from shore with her remains, that we would remain in total silence.

An occasional bird song.
The volume was turned down on an increasingly loud world. And God was near.

Thin Places.

Do you sense time moving faster? We live in a blur of hurry. We restlessly push ourselves until we’re out of sync with the rhythm of grace, and our sense of wonder dulls.

Find your Thin Place.
Go often.
Bask in the comfort.
Absorb the joy.

Feel the nearness of God and discover your true self again.