Truth Trunked

We have a war on terror, a war on drugs and a war on poverty, but we don’t have a war on lies. We should wage one ourselves.

I tell my daughters to be truthful whenever possible and whenever it won’t cause harm. Of course I get the rolling eyes of moody preteens, but I persist.  Being truthful is not just the right thing to do, I believe it’s one of the keys to a happier, more peaceful life. Being honest will not only limit personal disputes, but it’s also a way to attract some fantastic people to you — real difference makers.

An elderly man approached a young pastor who had just finished giving his sermon to the congregation. “You’re pretty good,” the man told him. “But, I have a suggestion for you.” The pastor was curious. “Okay, what do you suggest?” The man pointed at him with his cane, “Go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and listen.” The pastor chuckled, “Now why would I do that? I don’t even drink!” “Because,” the man replied. “It’s the one place where there’s no bullshit. Everything being talked about in that room is raw, painful and honest. It’s how we should be in our lives; it’s how you should lead your church.”

As people, we’ve gotten better and better at photoshopping ourselves. We actively toss truth in the trunk. In our own little ways we’ve become the crooked politicians and swindling shysters we claim to despise. Decide you’re not going to do that anymore. You have some incredible life experiences. Share them. If you don’t, the lessons gained will remain only with you — how sad.

Imagine how the world could change if deceit was no longer a chosen path. Imagine how empathy and understanding could flourish if our lives were more like an A.A. meeting and less like a daytime drama.  When I look back, the times I was most honest were when the greatest things happened to me. Conversely, the times I’ve lived dishonestly are when I brought the most pain to myself and to others.

Let truth out of the trunk. You don’t always have to be an open book, but at least show people a few pages that haven’t been doctored. You’ll be amazed at what it brings to your life.