We Were One

We Were One

September 12, 2001

Remember the quiet?

The slightest breeze rustled the leaves and we noticed. It was the day after.
We were stunned.

We were off balance.
We stared straight into the face of evil and it changed us.
Truth was revealed. Our illusions of safety were just that; illusions.
We wondered where God was while, at the same time, we called His name.
We turned to each other.
We held out a hand.
We set ourselves aside.
We hugged our families more tightly.
We nodded at strangers.

Too busy wiping tears to make fists, we were not yet angry.
Ironically on the eve of war, it felt like peace.
Nineteen years ago, the sun rose. Its rays cut through the dust, months from settling in Manhattan. We were quieted, humbled, on our knees.
Exactly where we should be now.

Do you remember…

When we were one?