When Heaven Brushes Earth

The power of the prayer depends not on the person praying, but on the One who hears the prayer.
~ Max Lucado

God heard Emily Hunton’s name.
Then He heard it again.
And again.


He knew He had an appointment with her and He was looking forward to it. He likes her. He likes her belief. He loves how she loves.
They had an appointment. It was soon.

Please God, stop her bleeding.

Imagine the Creator of the Universe raising an eyebrow, turning His head and listening closely because a father, a husband, and a room full of nurses and doctors are pleading for a life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Emily Hunton had just given birth to a healthy baby boy. At six pounds, ten ounces, Gray was perfect.  But there was a problem. Emily was bleeding out of control. Postpartum hemorrhage this severe was rare and it had to be stopped. She was taken into surgery where doctors spent hours trying everything including a hysterectomy. Nothing was working. She lost roughly three times the blood the body can carry. Emily’s husband—praying in the waiting room—was told they were running out of options. She was dying.

Suddenly, her anesthesiologist had an idea. He had heard of an experimental blood clotting drug available nearby. It was a dangerous last resort. They had to try. They administered the drug, and they did something else: They prayed. Her doctor knelt at her bedside and asked for God’s healing hands. Nurses in the OR held hands and asked that the drug begin working. It did.

The bleeding stopped.

From heaven’s perspective, God knew it all. He knew He had an appointment with Emily. It was all set. And He knew all about Emily’s mom too. He knew about her brain cancer and He looked forward to seeing them both. He knew the plans He had for them.
He knew.

He heard her name.
Then He heard it again.
And again.

The Creator of the Universe switched courses.
And the bleeding stopped.

Emily made it to her mother’s bedside. No longer conscious, she never knew what her daughter had just been through. Emily carefully placed her newborn son in his grandmother’s arms—a hello and a goodbye. She died later that day.

The brush makes the picture possible.

“Today my senses have been heightened to heaven on earth,” Emily said. “I know where my mom is. I see signs of her all around me. I know my life was saved. And I know my family has been touched by prayer—touched by God.