When We Were One

September 12, 2001

Do you remember how quiet it was?

Do you remember how there were no planes in the sky?

Do you remember how different it felt?

Do you remember?

It was as if the volume of the wind had been turned up.  We were off balance.  Time had slowed. Meaning had changed.  Staring straight into the face of evil cut us deeply, and the thought of healing seemed too far away to consider. We wondered where God was while at the same time we called His name.

We turned to each other.  We held out a hand.  We set ourselves aside. We hugged our families more tightly. We nodded at strangers.  We were not yet angry. We were too busy wiping tears to make fists.

Ironically on the eve of war, it felt like peace.

Thirteen years ago, the dust was just settling. A new sunrise, a new opportunity to make our darkest hour our finest one.

There was an overwhelming sense the world would never be the same. And we were right.

Today we remember…

When we were one.