Why We Watch

It seems every week there’s a new video that goes viral and captures our hearts. The joyous “Chewbacca Mom.” The girl who received a doll with a prosthetic leg just like hers. The boy caught on surveillance video sneaking into a neighbor’s garage not to steal something valuable, but rather to hug a dog. These viral vids come and go like a meteor streaking across the sky, leaving a glowing trail in their wake. We laugh, we cry and we share them with each other. Why? What is it about these captured moments that grab hold of us so tightly if only for a few moments? I think I know the answer. I believe it says a lot about how far off course we are. I think the reason we cling to what is simple and pure is because of what we’ve lost: Our innocence.

We’ve strayed. We’ve strayed far. What’s bad is good and what’s good is whatever we want. We’re lovers of ourselves and of money. Even life itself is a choice. God? Pure fantasy. We’ve evolved beyond Him. It’s enough to worship the universe or nature, or nothing. Today, the fastest growing religious status is “no religion.” We’ve turned our backs on the only One who really has ours and here’s the thing, we inherently know something isn’t right. We know.

And that’s why when something as simple as a boy hugging a dog interrupts our day, we smile and we cry. When we see the joy and hear the hysterical laughter of a woman in a mask, we remember a time when our hearts weren’t so dark and the world wasn’t so mean. We remember and we miss how it ought to be. We’ve strayed. We’ve strayed far.

It’s why we watch.

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