You Matter, I Matter

Do you know that God is crazy about you?

Relax, I’m not getting preachy here, but have you ever just stopped to imagine Him imagining you?

Like Mozart painstakingly conceiving His musical masterpiece, God crafted every part of you, designing each infinitesimal detail. As a result, no one else sees the world as you do, no one else feels the way you do, and no one else can do what you do.

And yet, we don’t feel crafted. We don’t feel excellent. We often feel lost and forgotten.

Recently I received a note in the mail. It was a nice, encouraging letter totally out of the blue from someone I haven’t worked with in years – a hand-written reminder that I matter. At first I thought the timing was incredible because lately I’ve been in a fog, like what I’m learning, what I’m doing – indeed what I’m writing – isn’t really impacting anyone. But then I thought about it, and I realized that’s how most of us feel most of the time. We’re one person in a sea of people, many of whom seem to have more, do more, and achieve more.

I have many visions of heaven – grandiose ideas of a perfect, euphoric place where everything is new with clarity and colors so vibrant they’re beyond description. And I think it will all begin with an instantaneous fact flood of knowledge that will rush into our bodies washing our brains of all we thought we knew, answering every question we’ve ever had and even the ones we never asked. And when it’s over, I picture myself opening my eyes, seeing God and having complete and total understanding of all that He is and how much I mean to Him.

I’ll probably have the urge to reach for my iPhone to snap a selfie – the first shot of me realizing that I am his kid – wonderfully made, uniquely me.

I will never pitch for the Detroit Tigers. I will never discover a breakthrough drug or perform emergency life-saving surgery on someone. But I can dream. I can write. I can encourage. And I can stop every once in a while and imagine myself being imagined by Him.

I know it’s hard, but remember heaven isn’t just some place we hope to get to; heaven is a place that comes to us each day. Remember how carefully you were crafted and use it.

Remember, you matter. I matter.