Your Assist

A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.
~ Jim Rohn

I know a guy who can dribble a basketball better than any single human being I’ve ever seen. Seriously. He’s so good that NBA players come to him for instruction. When I was younger, I would say to him, “Man, I’d give anything to dribble like you.” He’d smirk at me like he knew something I didn’t.

He did.

Jason has spent a lifetime dribbling. When he was a boy, he woke up at dawn and he dribbled. He went to the neighborhood courts in the afternoon and he dribbled. He’d walk a half-mile home for lunch, dribbling. He’d return and play until dark, dribbling. Then he’d go home, turn on his driveway lights and…you guessed it, dribble. One-hand. Two hands. One ball. Two balls. Dribbling. One time, I came to his house at eight o’clock in the morning and he had already been dribbling so long that blood had soaked through the tape he wrapped around each of his fingers.

“I’d give anything to dribble like you.” That’s a lie. No, I wouldn’t.

If you feel stuck, maybe you are. And maybe that’s been your choice. You’re majoring in minor things. You’re caught in the thick of the thin. We’re all guilty of it. We think mediocre thoughts, we do mediocre things, and then we wonder why life is mediocre.


I met up with a woman recently who’s on fire. Just before Christmas, she quit a job that she was great at but wasn’t bringing her joy. She wants to serve people and make a real difference. She doesn’t know exactly how it’s all going to work, but she’s all about it. She’s laser-focused. Her time is now spent solely on her family and on her do-over. The energy she once spent on a job she didn’t want is now channeled into her dreams and passions. And her smile lights up a room.

She’s dribbling like Jason. The truth is most people decide not to.

What price are you willing to pay to win?

Are you ready? Here’s your assist.

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