Your Last Post

“Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence.”
~ Pythagoras

What was your last post?
Your last Tweet?
Your last picture on Instagram or your last story on snapchat?

What were your last words?

My friend Sam didn’t do much on social media. It just wasn’t his thing. But a year ago this week, he posted a family selfie from Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan where the Lions were playing in their annual Thanksgiving Day contest. His caption: “Thanksgiving in the D with the two people I’m most thankful for.”

Three months later, Sam was gone.

I have an unusual New Year’s resolution. I have decided that 2017 is the year of lifting people up. I’m saddened by the way people talk to each other. I’m horrified by the words we type to one another. The keyboard has become a weapon, and there’s an endless supply of ammunition. So I asked myself, what if my last post was my last post?

Was it positive?
Did it share something good?
Was it genuine and true?
If something happened to me, would my words live on? Would they lift and inspire, or would they be overlooked because they did neither?
Do my words communicate “love?”

Sam’s do.

He proudly told the world who made his world.
What a gift to his family.
What a legacy for his son.

What a challenge for us all.

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